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X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter Mission Design IWATS Course

Welcome to the X-wing Vs. TIE Fighter Mission Creation Course. This course has been created in order to advance your knowledge in XvT Mission Creation. In fact, this course will teach you everything you need to know about XvTED in order to create a good solid mission.

This course isn't here to teach you how to test, fly, make decent plotlines, please the pilots, avoid bad reviews, etc. The course for that is called IWATS MISSION CREATION AND BETA TESTING STANDARDS which is another mandatory course that you must take in order to create missions for XvT or BoP.

This course will concentrate on the Editor, XvTED, which can be found Here. You must download it before you do anything else for XvT mission creation (for the sake of shortening everything, I will only say XvT when XvT and BoP are both involved).

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