This is the current queue of battles that have been submitted to the TAC Office.

A Christmas Present for the InfiltratorsTIE-FREEsubmitted to TAC12 Jan 2021
A Cryptic MessageXWA-FREEsubmitted to TAC15 Jan 2021
Challenging Operations #1XvT-TCsubmitted to TAC15 Jan 2021
Challenging Operations #2XvT-TCsubmitted to TAC21 Jan 2021
Challenging Operations #3: Firebird squadronXvT-TCsubmitted to TAC07 Feb 2021
Challenging Operations #4: Tempest squadronXvT-TCsubmitted to TAC11 Feb 2021
Challenging Operations #6: Eagle squadronXvT-TCsubmitted to TAC15 Feb 2021
Challenging Operations #7: Thunder squadronXvT-TCsubmitted to TAC21 Feb 2021
D49 - Challenging Operations #5 - Inferno squadronXvT-TCsubmitted to TAC13 Feb 2021
Hackers in SpaceXWA-FREEsubmitted to TAC16 Feb 2017
Jeequi EncounterXvT-TCunder testing29 Dec 2015
The Hunt for the Wing CommanderTIE-TCunder testing05 Jul 2016
UFO Part 1BoP-TCunder testing18 Jul 2016
X Wing in TIE Fighter - Tour of Duty ITIE-TCfinal check25 Mar 2015
X Wing in TIE Fighter: Tour of Duty II; The Great SecretTIE-TCfinal check12 Apr 2015