TACcy news for 2009
february 15

Sometimes you just have the urge to add some news. Good news and bad. The bad news is I won't be announcing new battles here anymore. I wasn't doing that anyway, except occasionally, so no loss there. The good news is I'm going to be adding the TAC reports to the site so everyone can read them. After all, I can't post em on the TC site, the EH site is far from ready, and the forums don't support my HTML layout.

Furthermore, I'd like to announce a few TAC Office competitions:

  • SP Ace of the Month
    similar to what GA Astatine used to run. Most missions flown on the Pilot Kill Board is what counts.
  • TACcy Speed Test
    A new bi-weekly comp. A new free mission every TAC report, where all you have to do is fly as fast as you can.
  • TACcy Quotes
    A successful competition - it will be continued in the new year
  • TAC's beta testing mania
    It's time to get The Battle of Lykos released. For the third time, the TAC Office attaches a competition to
    this battle. let's see if we can get it done now....
    New TAC Office URL
    december 6 2008

    After a while, the Tactical Office website has finally settled down on its new, permanent home. Please update all your bookmarks to http://tac.emperorshamme.org.
    New TIE battle released
    december 6 2008

    With the end of Match the TAC 11 we release the mission as XvT free 224: Interdiction. With the end of the FCHG '08 competition, both entries are also released: Tau Squadron: The Yevethan Connection and Secrets Within are available as XvT FCHG 5 and 6. Congratulations to FA Ender mBind for winning!
    New TIE battle released
    november 9 2008

    Finally, after many months of waiting, we can release End of the Line, a battle for TIE Fighter. It is released as TIE TC 239.
    TIE Golf 2008 Grand Champion
    november 2 2008

    TIE Golf 2008 has been completed, all pilotfiles have been inspected, scores have been tallied, and several excruciating hours were spent looking for differences that could decide who wins a hole. The final results are up on the TIE Golf website, and also in the latest TAC report. Congrats to Major Zósite Kónstyte Styles for being our new Grand Champion of TIE Golf, and a well-earned Iron Star with Platinum wings.
    New battles released
    november 2 2008

    And yet another new battle has been released: XvT TC 131: Mousetrap. With this release, we see the first time since I became TAC that there is less than 15 battles in the queue. Yay us!
    New TAC report released
    november 2 2008

    The TAC has released a new report, #284. It should be in your e-mail inbox.
    Match the TAC
    november 1 2008

    Edition #10 of the competition has finished, with MAJ Zósite Kónstyte Styles taking first. The mission has been released as TIE free 276, and MTT 11 is up for grabs.
    New battles released
    october 26 2008

    Not one, but two new battles hit the Compendium: XWA ID 2: Praetorian Squadron: Dark Forces and XvT TC 130: The Chalquilla Wars.
    New battle released
    october 18 2008

    Another new battle released today: XvT ID 2: Praetorian Squadron: Capture the Flag.
    New battle/mission released
    october 17 2008

    The TAC Office releases a new battle long time in the queue: XWA HF 1: Hammer's Fist.
    Also released: XvT free 123: Choices.
    New TAC Office report
    october 19 2008

    TAC Office report #283 is out now.
    New TAC Office report
    october 1 2008

    TAC Office report #282 is out now.
    New mission released
    october 4 2008

    Last month's Match the TAC mission is now available as XWA free 142: Grand Master's Escort.
    october 1 2008

    A new Match the TAC mission is up. This month sees the start of the final round of missions, with the 4th and last TIE free. Three more chances to play!
    Also, TIE Golf 2008 has started! Good luck to all golfers.
    New stuff
    september 25 2008

    We have some new missions to enjoy. First of all, a TIE battle by MAJ Mark Schueler (TIE TC 228: Advance Warning). Also, finally XvT TC 125: Dark Times Ahead by HA Frodo March is available, and a free mission that's been tagged "awaiting release" for almost a year has also been released: TIE free 275: Wing II: Save the Videogames. With the return of Brukhar I think it's normal to get that mission out of the queue finally :) More is on the way.
    Temporary Mission Compendium online
    september 21 2008

    Until the final version of the website is online, the Mission Compendium has found a temporary home right here in the TAC Office. Look to the menu and use the link "compendium". Please note this basic setup will not provide info on patches, you'll need to use the readme.txt or patches.txt for that information. We also do not have the patches archive online at this time.
    Temporary TAC Office website online
    september 20 2008

    While we wait for new webspace on the EH webservers, this will be the temporary home of the TAC Office website. All functionality is restored, so as of today the TAC Office can resume its duties. As such, all previously withdrawn assignments have been reassigned.
    Change in EH Command structure
    september 15 2008

    Last night the Founder of the Emperor's Hammer, Grand Admiral Ronin removed Grand Admiral Astatine as Fleet Commander and appointed the XO, Grand Admiral Cyric, to the position of Fleet Commander. As a result, the EH is now temporarily without a functioning website and database. this also affects the Tactical Office, as its site is hosted on the same webserver. As such, all TAC assignments have been withdrawn until further notice.